Here I am in 2006 presenting Sue Marsh,
Executive Director, Rosie's Place,
with a donation in my client's name.

Why Rosie's Place?

When I graduated from college I joined a major downtown Boston law firm, Ropes & Gray, commuting from a quiet suburban town north of the city.  One evening, not long into my tenure, I went Christmas shopping downtown after work.

As I entered downtown crossing everything and most everybody was festive and upbeat. But just as I turned a corner to approach the stores there was a woman lying on the ground.  At first I thought she had fallen or perhaps taken a heart attack. But instead she was sleeping. She was homeless. I had never before seen such a sight. I couldn't believe my eyes.  As it turned out, of course, this was not an uncommon sight.

Many years have passed since and I'm honored to donate a portion of my real estate sales proceeds to Rosie's Place in my client's name. I chose Rosie's Place based on the extraordinary work and dedication they have shown in providing shelter and counseling to women in need.  I feel that my support of a homeless and housing related organization truly compliments the services I provide helping individuals and families with their own housing  needs.

Hopefully, one day, we won't ever see a homeless person sleeping on the frozen ground again. Thanks to Rosie's Place, and others like it, we're one day closer to that vision. Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you to all my caring clients who share this vision.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Welling