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Now, Here’s How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in Any Market . . .

The Three Hottest Tips

Getting Home Sellers

Top Dollar Faster Now:

Clean. Declutter. Paint.

     Buying a home is almost always an emotional decision.  Prospective buyers make their decision to purchase based on feelings not on a mortgage or property taxes.  The look and feel of a home will generate a greater emotional response from buyers because they react to what they see, hear, feel and smell.  The goal is to create an environment for potential buyers that makes them feel welcomed and put them in the "I could live here" mood.

First impressions matter

     Buyers are heavily influenced by their first impression when viewing a property.  Therefore, it's imperative that you remove any visually unappealing characteristics.  A bad first impression puts the buyer on alert for other things they may not like and makes them wonder, what else is wrong with this place?

Let buyers fall in love with your home

     Fortunately, just a few key improvements will help eager buyers to fall in love with your home.  Nothing says welcome home like a clean, decluttered house with a freshly painted kitchen, bathroom(s) and front entry.  A buyer sees this and believes this house, your house, has been well maintained and cared for over the years.

     Yet many home sellers leave money on the closing table by not properly preparing their home for sale for top dollar.  That's because it can be intimidating.  They're not really sure where to start or what to do.  I've seen more people spend lots of time and effort detailing their car for sale, to make a few hundred extra, rather than spending the same time, effort and a little more money on their home for sale to make many thousands of dollars extra.

     So, here's a brief but closer look at each tip that's getting home sellers top dollar faster in any market.

Clean.  No one likes a dirty house, so some soap and water goes a long way washing some areas that may normally go overlooked.  Plan on spending several days giving your home a thorough cleaning before listing it for sale.  Clean your entire house carefully being sure to sweep the corners and dust away cobwebs.  Bathrooms need to be spotless.  Toilets need to be scrubbed, no hair in drains, and any mildew in shower stall must be removed while brightening tile grout.  Kitchen countertops should be free of stains and the sink must shine.  Clean the windows, inside and out, and make sure any odors are removed.  Once you're done cleaning your house, clean some more.  You get the picture.  If this task seems a bit overwhelming and time consuming you may consider professional house cleaners.  A few hundred dollars well spent!

Declutter. If you've lived in your home for many years, or are someone who likes to save everything, now's the time to declutter.  A cluttered home feels small and confining when potential buyers must squeeze through many furnishings and belongings while moving things around to view your home.  But don't just shove this "stuff" in closets, cabinets, garages or basements.  Buyers look inside all of these places.  Remember, any over-stuffed area screams NOT ENOUGH SPACE HERE.

     You may need to rent a storage unit during the home-selling process.  Ample sized units can range from $150 - $250 per month.  But keeping your belongings, over-sized furnishings and "stuff" offsite is the best way to maximize the space in your home.  Just by removing the clutter and creating this space you'll make more money when you sell.  Lots more.

Paint. Painting is truly the biggest bang for your buck.  It is the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to instantly add value to your home when properly done.  A targeted fresh paint job really transforms a house.  The front entry, kitchen and bathroom(s) should be professionally painted with fool-proof colors, like grays and whites, that will sell your home.  This also saves buyers the hassle and expense of painting when they first move in.

     And don't forget the front door.  Houses with front doors in shades of black - from charcoal to jet - fetched $6,271.00 more than expected when sold, this according to the latest paint color analysis from real-estate website zillow.

"Now apply these tried-and-true tips. They work."

- Tom Welling
a Real Estate Broker,
Who's Been There Done That